Thursday, 1 August 2013

Film Club July 2013

The second meeting of the Film Club of the Department of Sociology was held on July 31, 2013. It was conducted by the students of M.A Applied Sociology. The resource person for this session was Amutha Manavalan, Assistant Professor with the Department of Media Studies, Christ University. Ms. Manavalan has done her Post Graduation in Communication from Bangalore University. She is an amateur film maker, who came with the intention of providing tips and techniques on Film making. The session was attended by two faculty members of the Sociology Department; Maya Mohan and Sudhansubala Sahu.
The welcome speech was given by Namrata Paul where she gave a brief background about the speaker. The intention of the talk was to provide quick steps of Script Writing. During the session, the speaker screened four documentaries; Buoyants, the Black Hole, Embrace Life and World’s best 1 minute movie. Every documentary emphasized different aspects of life which often go unnoticed. Issues like Refugee Camps, importance of seatbelts and the Human’s undying greed are some of the areas which were projected through these short films.
The audience was quite interactive and clarified their doubts. This session helped us in viewing different key points which needs to be in consideration while making a Short Film and emphasising on the “Sole Purpose” behind making a movie.
Report by

Margaret Johnson

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