Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Student Seminar November 2013

The Department of Sociology headed by Mrs. Pritha Das Gupta, Christ University had organized a seminar on 26.11.2013 on essential topics of Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource. There were significant number of participants from students pursuing Masters in Applied Sociology second year.
The seminar was initiated by participants like Bopana, Atlanta and Ruth who gave a brief introduction and covered important topics on PR such as ethics in PR, Goffman’s concept of framing, footing and face.
Then the seminar was led forward by students who gave an introduction to the very concept of CSR as well as their personal experiences in terms of the companies pursing CSR as part of their internship program. CSR as a business strategy has been gaining immense importance and is influential in key areas of health, education, livelihood creation, infrastructure facilities and rural development.
The third topic, ‘Human Resource’ led to an animated discussion and was explained by Anisha who stated the managerial and operational functions of HR. HR as a discipline and its relevance in the modern form of organizations has significantly contributed to its widespread popularity.
Concepts like Leadership Styles and Managing Workplace diversity in IT Companies of Bangalore also formed significant composition of the seminar held today.
A significant portion of the seminar was attributed to open discussions and questions that were addressed thereby enhancing our understanding of the various topics
However it is important to note down that the seminar proved to be a very fruitful activity for not only the audience to improve their boundaries of knowledge but also was an opportunity for the speakers to reveal their own potentials in terms of better understanding and reaching the audience in an appropriate manner.

Chandni Sarda

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