Sunday, 19 January 2014

Talk by Dr Antoon Vandevelde

Professor Antoon Vandevelde is visiting Christ University, Bangalore. He studied economics and philosophy at the University of Leuven and has been teaching at Leuven University. His research is mainly situated in the field of economic and biomedical ethics and political philosophy. He has taught across three continents with rich experiences in Europe, Africa and Asia.

He  is an extremely erudite scholar who has published books on Is Inheritance Legitimate?, (with G. Erreygers, Springer, 1997), on Gifts and Interests (Peeters, 2000), on Autonomy and Paternalism (with Th. Nys and Y. Denier, Peeters, 2007) and on Justice, Luck and Responsibility in Health Care (with Y. Denier and C. Gastmans, Springer, 2013). Prof Vandevelde has also published articles on the theory of justice, including global and intergenerational justice, the ethics of migration policy, trust, altruism and happiness.

In an extremely engaging lecture for the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work on January 20, 2014, Prof Vandevelde spoke on Global Justice and Duties of Humanitarianism.  He spoke about the Rawlsian Theory of Justice as he examined the concepts of humanitarianism and justice through the work of numerous scholars and philosophers like Nussbaum, Sen and Phillippe Van Parijs.
Prof Antoon Vandevelde at Christ University, Bangalore, January 20, 2014

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