Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Seminar on Social Psychology

The students of MA Applied Sociology organized a seminar on Social Psychology which was held on November 24, 2015. The central theme of the session was social psychology and its significance in the study of sociology. 
The entire session was commendable in terms of how well it was organized and it could have have been improved upon with a more extensive engagement. Nibedita's presentation on media and society was one to catch the eyes of the audience, as it was not just a simple reading of script rather an audio visual experience full of videos and gifs, and she further showed crystal understanding of the subject matter. 
The highlight of the session for the audience was the next presentation on ethnomethodology.  Liya and Apeksha explained the concept through breaching experiments. Their part was mostly audio visual with a plethora of theoretical backing, making the presentation a wonderful experience. Brother Luke’s presentation seemed the most planned and the best executed. It had clearly cut out sections and his way of presenting showed confidence and commitment. He added his personal touch with a joke to begin with which was a pleasant change. 
Rusha ended the session with a presentation on ‘Peer pressure and drug abuse’, the presentation showed confidence and an all-round comprehension of the concept, tying the whole thing quite pleasantly.

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