Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Book Review Competition 2016

Department of Sociology

Jointly Present

Book Review Competition

Rules and Regulations:
1. This competition is open to students from all streams.

2. Interested students have to select a book of sociological relevance (this will be crosschecked and approved by a sociology faculty member in the venue) from the Book Mark venue and inform to the volunteers from Sociology Department.

3. Volunteers will help them to check out the book after completing necessary formalities with the seller (students need not pay for it).

4.  Participants will be given around 20 days to read the books that they have selected. They need to present (only oral presentation) the review of the book selected in front of a panel on August 19, 2016 (exact venue and time will be intimated). No PPTs are allowed.  On the day of presentation, they need to return the books to the panel.

First Prize: Rs 5000/-
Second Prize: Rs 2500/-

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