Friday, 3 March 2017

Social Responsibility Week


Social Responsibility Week: Human Trafficking Awareness

Date – 23/02/17

On the 23rd of February, 2017, one of the last few days of the Social Responsibility week our class, final year students of PSEco took up the responsibility to spread awareness on Human Trafficking and the harmful impacts of having such a social reality in our society.

The class had come up with three major ideas to spread awareness; put up a street play, read out an original poem on the ills of trafficking and rally from the first block of college to the second block shouting out slogans to spread awareness on the same.

At 1:15 pm sharp, a group of 50+ students assembled and gathered a commendable crowd to listen to their story on trafficking and the harm it caused our society. The class of PSEco rallied from Block I to the entrance of Block II and back to central block, where they then performed their street play.

The street play dealt with the theme of how anybody could be practicing trafficking of humans and how society and most importantly us, shouldn’t look at the world with tainted glasses and learn to be more aware, informed and proactive in situations such as these.

The event ended with a bow from the students and a few other people distributing pamphlets to make people aware about the responsibility they equally hold in society, to stop human trafficking.

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