Thursday, 22 March 2018

Research presentations

Angela Cecily Joseph, Pooja Krishnakumar and Rhythm, three students from the outgoing batch of  II MA Applied Sociology, shared their dissertation work with the students from I PSEng and EPS on March 22, 2018. Their presentations on their research work were followed by vibrant and engaging discussions on some of the issues raised.

 Angela spoke on the Construction of Masculinity: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Baahubali films, while Pooja spoke about the Social Space and the Sex Worker: An Ethnography of Kamathipura and Rythm shared her research titled Comparative Study of Fertility Components To Understand The Inter-State Disparities Based On HDI Using NFHS Data.

They provided an opportunity for the first year undergraduate students to engage with the kind of reserach work that the students of MA Applied Sociology undertake.

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