Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Draft 2020

On September 1, Socius, Applied Sociology Students Collective of the department of Sociology and Social Work organized a talk on the Environmental Impact Assessment Draft 2020. The talk was delivered by Nitin Sethi, a journalist and a member of The Reporters' Collective. 

He has investigated, written, and reported for two decades on the intersections of India's political economy, natural resources, environment, climate change, economy, public finance, and development. Nitin Sethi discussed the importance of public participation in environmental lawmaking. The draft EIA 2020 is subverting the Constitution by limiting the inclusion of local decision-making bodies and public participation in the region. In the light of several protests and agitations against the draft, the talk offered a deep insight into the future of environmental policy discourse in India.

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