Thursday, 8 October 2020

Catharsis Through Art

Artistic expressions provide a sense of solace during adversities. The current pandemic has significantly affected the mental health of most people. Art's cathartic nature helps individuals to express their emotions, feelings and apprehensions freely. “Catharsis Through Art” was a small exercise conducted amongst the students of MA Applied Sociology. Students were invited to send entries of their original artwork and also pen down their feelings about the pandemic. Art is a medium through which most of us express ourselves and our apprehensions. The idea was to compile different forms of artistic expressions to provide a sense of solidarity and solace during the pressing times of the pandemic. Students submitted their artworks ranging from painting, photography to cooking and farming. Since September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month, this activity is also highly relevant in spreading awareness about mental health. 

The entire exercise was a success as many students sent in their artwork. These entries were then compiled in a form of zine and circulated amongst the students and the faculty members. Going through the artworks of fellow classmates and also seeing one's own work in the zine was indeed a cathartic experience for the students.

To view the zine, you can click the following link:

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