Tuesday, 24 November 2020

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Face Painting Event

The theme for this face painting event - Colours of Violence.

Violence has many forms, students are asked to express what violence means to them using colours and different shades which represent and encompass all emotions and thoughts associated with violence. Giving artists this freedom of expression lead to different interpretations of results as they used the beauty of colours to represent their thoughts instead of using their words. Colours of Violence was an event that showed the hidden emotions of violence that cannot be expressed in words, rather only understood through face-art. It bridged the gap between the silence of violence and the deep-seated manifestation of violence through art.

Poster-making competition

Theme: Cyber violence

“The internet records everything and forgets nothing”

This sentence may seem sinister, but cyberviolence has been on the rise, especially during the pandemic. Violence doesn't always have to be outward, in fact, the most impactful and severe violence is mental and psychological. Cybercrime is a serious threat and a source of violence in today’s digital age which can be dangerous for several young women who face cyber-crime. Cyberbullying is another form of violence that intends to damage people’s social image that might be un-erasable due to the very nature of the internet and social media.

This is to call attention to the issue that cyber-violence is a serious and under-rated form of violence that needs to be addressed. This event not only raised awareness on the seriousness of cybercrime but also allowed students the freedom to give their own inputs on cybercrime using posters.

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