Friday, 12 February 2021

Roundtable 1 - The Social Dilemma: A discussion on the Netflic Documentary-Drama

The Department of Sociology and Social Work Association organized a Roundtable Discussion on the topic ‘The Social Dilemma- Netflix Documentary’ on 12th February 2021. The panellists were students from various courses within the department- Devraj Singh Rathore (2PSEco), Annet Rose Anthony (4PSEco), Suryaveer Singh Deora (6PSEco), Nishant Narula (6PSEco), Vidhibharat Shah (2MSoc) and Keshavi Agrawal (2MSoc).

The session commenced at 4 PM, with an opening note from the President of the Department of Sociology and Social Work Association, Aashik Matthews. Following this, the first panellist, Keshavi kickstarted the discussion by giving the audience a prelude to the topic. She also spoke about human-algorithm interaction.

Next, Devraj talked about how instant gratification has become a necessity for many today, and how social media has become a new addiction. Vidhi examined the effect of the algorithms behind social media platforms, and how they are engineered to induce users to spend more time on social media.

Nishant picked up this discussion and continued to speak more about the algorithm and the benefits it can provide as well, as the privacy vs. personalization issue. Suryaveer discussed the reasoning behind the tech giants’ motive for obtaining users’ data and attention. He further spoke about concepts like ‘monetisation of thought’. Finally, Annet gave clarity on the public sphere in the era of big data.

The session was wrapped up with a question-answer session open to the audience and ended at 5:30 PM with a vote of thanks delivered by Archana. The roundtable received positive feedback and was tagged as a success.

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