Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Department of Sociology and Social Work: Alumni Day Celebration

The Alumni Association of the Department of Sociology and Social Work Student Association organized a meet for the occasion of Alumni Day on the 26th of January 2022 from 11.30 am to 1:00 pm on Webex to reconnect with the former students of CHRIST. Various alumni joined the meeting and shared their precious memories of CHRIST, which triggered a string of nostalgia. The event emcee Meenakshi began by addressing the gathering and presenting an entertaining PPT. An exciting activity was given to the alumnus- a game of story chain associated with memories during their time at CHRIST with a specific theme. Many alumni participated in the activity, which turned out to be a beautiful story by itself.

To conclude the activity, the emcee introduced Mr. Samuel George, President of the Alumni Association of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, and asked him to conclude the activity with his own touch on the story. He then proceeded to give the welcoming address to the event.

Dr Sudipta Garai then welcomed everyone and briefly introduced the department and how the department has evolved since its inception. Following Dr. Sudipta’s addressing, Dr. Victor Paul, Head of the department, proceeded to address the gathering and talked about the three Cs – Connect, Communicate and Celebrate where the alumnus can refresh their relationships with their fellow batchmates, come up with possible collaborations and finally celebrate what they have. He also mentioned the kick-starting of the New Zealand Alumni chapter and the hopeful beginnings of different chapters around the country.

The floor then opened up for the alumni and the professors to talk about their cherished memories from the past. The professors identified their students and were delighted to see them back together again on the same platform. Followed by the professors, the alumni were sharing the mischievous memories that took them all down a very nostalgic yet beautiful memory lane. One of the alumni even penned a beautiful poem to recite about college life and the bond created during that time; it stays vital to date, which was heartwarming and overwhelming for everyone. Many of the students are faculties themselves now and were talking about how the professors at CHRIST helped shape them as faculties. The alumni were also sad that the pandemic had stolen their chance to meet everyone and revisit the campus and how the students attending online classes in CHRIST are missing out on a massive chunk of the extraordinary life that CHRIST has to offer.

With that, Mr. Samuel George gave a concluding speech. A group picture was also taken to have a memory of the Alumni Day. The vote of thanks was given by Neha Ashar and Ankitaa Mohanty, alumni coordinators of the department, and with that, the event came to an end.

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