Thursday, 21 April 2022

Boundaries of Self-Care


The Department of Sociology and Social Work Student Association organized an event to promote and broaden our understanding of Self-Care as part of the ‘Faculty Charcha’ Edition 2. The event was hosted by Mr Harishankar Vasudevan, who is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology.  Mr Vasudevan started the talk by asking the students how they understood the term stress and what its implications are. After establishing the negative effects of stress, he emphasized the importance of self-care and regulating stress. It was an interesting and interactive session.

It was highlighted during the session how engagement in self-care sometimes releases stress while sometimes the whole plan stresses people out. Mr Vasudevan outlined how self-care is different for everybody and one has to find out what works for them and what doesn't .“Self-care is not always an end on its own, it too has its own boundaries.”

These were the words that Mr Vasudevan truly believed in. He shared an interesting thought about how our brain is intended to protect us from potential dangers and therefore how the mind is trained to overthink in different situations.

Mr Vasudevan further explained the different types of self-care, cognitive, social, physical and emotional. The importance of managing time was also briefly discussed. The session ended with questions and reflections from the students on how to manage stress and what they do when facing a challenge along with the emphasis on the importance of self-love in self-care.

The Session was concluded with a brief address by the professor reinstating the core values of the talk.

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