Thursday, 24 November 2016

Finalists for the Young Sociologist Competition 2016

Given below is the list of finalists for the Young Sociologist Competition 2016.

           Name and Research Title
·                Aishwarya Ramesh: Does change in the power of the society cause change in one's cultural identity?
·                Amarnath P: Social, cultural and political identity of Namboothiris in Kerala
·                Arundhati Sural: Effects of sanskritization and acculturations on the Santhals
·                Debasmita Kundu: Stigmatization of the Eunuchs: A study on the members of Eunuchs community in and around Kolkata
·                Praba Shamili Jeeva: Migrant behaviour: The quest to uphold the Tamil identity
·                Rini Jacob: The JSO church and gender equality in the modern era
·                Srabanti Kayal: Doms of Kolkata-identity and role of the community in urban society
·                Sristi Mondal: Cow protection and intolerance
·                Suchismita Das: Patriarchy and religion : Exploitation of women
·                Sweetlin Brahmachary: Unity in diversity: Just a phrase or in practice


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