Saturday, 17 December 2016

Daksh Career Fair

Daksh, the career fair at Christ University was organized on Nov 29 and 30 2016. This was a

combined effort of all the students from both first and second year MA Applied Sociology.

Our main aim was to promote the discipline of sociology as well as the course MA Applied


The fest was organized for a duration of two days . The stalls were displayed with several charts

which were made informative about the discipline as well as the course and scope that they offer in

the future . There were several charts that were portraying the scope of the subject and the subject

matter . Technical information about the subject was being displayed in these charts but converted

into simple languages so that people from non sociological or non social science students could also

understand what sociology is all about . We displayed the papers that we offer in the subject and

how they touch upon various disciplines and professions . We tried our best to portray or subject as a

subject that would give people the scope to enter purely social science spaces as well as

administrative and corporate spaces.

In the stall , we also conducted a quiz at the stall for whoever was interested and people who

answered a questions correctly were given prizes .

All the charts and other crafts that were displayed at the stall were all hand made by the students .

We did not colour print of the charts that were displayed . This was to portray our department as a

creative space where we all work together . Along with charts , models were also displayed to

explain social phenomenon in a creative way.

At the stalls , a lot of us were questioned about what the subject has to offer , How it is different

from social work and anthropology and how sociology can also give people a way into the

corporate world and its not meant for only the management and commerce students .

Our stalls were not only visited by social science students but was also visited by students from other

departments also and a lot of them seemed interested by what the subject is dealing with . Some of

the interactions with the people who visited the stalls were long discussions which provoked a lot of

thought. We made a lot of them question the choices they made in life and how these

have sociological implications . This was a very interesting exercise.

Report by Clintorn

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