Tuesday, 12 December 2017

International Summit 2017 on Child Rights: Education Matters

The Department of Sociology and Social Work in collaboration with World Vision India and James Cook University, Townsville, Australia  Organized the “International Summit 2017 Child Rights: Education Matters Life” in Christ University on the 4th and 5th of December. This event was organized to bring about awareness about the current scenario of Children Lives in the context of Human Rights and how we are addressing this issue currently. The summit was emphasizing on how education is implemented to bring out empowerment for the Children in India and around the world.
Two days was to summit was to look at how Children can be supported in an inclusive and quality educational system and promote lifelong learning. Several representatives from various sectors came to address the issue of Child Rights in the context of education and its importance to discuss some of the ways in which the scenario for children and their access to education and its quality can become better. Some of the themes of the summit were “Legal frameworks in Child Protection” to “Programs, Policies and Models of Education “ to “Research and innovations to the quality of Education”. The summit was attended by people from various backgrounds where academicians, activists, doctors to CSR employees came together and discussed the Issue of Child Rights and education. There were issues from dropout rates in schools currently to the addressing the need of interpersonal safety and other issues encompassing the wide range of issues were discussed in the summit.

This summit was not only an eye opener for the people who presented at the summit but was also an eye-opener for the students who attended it. Since people from all over the world discussed various issues and also there was a lot of interaction that took place between the presenters as well as students, there was an extensive amount of exchange of ideas that took place. Since we live in a society where the quality of education and its accessibility is low for a large majority of the country, it is important for students to be exposed to such information as tomorrow, it will be them who will be the change makers.

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