Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Young Sociologist Competition 2017

The Department of Sociology and Social Work organized the “National Young Sociologists Competition 2017” on the 8th of December for all undergraduate students studying Sociology as one of their subjects in any of the institutions in India. This competition is aimed at encouraging the young generation to carry out small research projects on socially relevant subjects and issues to enhance their critical and analytical thinking. The Competition seeks to fulfil this aim by inviting the participants to write original papers on prescribed topics to participate in the paper presentation competition.
Inauguration with the Lighting of the Lamp  
The theme for the National Young Sociologist Competition 2017-18 was Science and Society. This competition aimed at understanding the interrelation between society and science under various sub-themes. Contributions beyond the subthemes added to the overall theme of the competition. Some of the sub-themes of the competition were “Theoretical contributions to the relation between society and science”,” Understanding gender in relation to science and society”, “Effects of scientific research on society” etc.
The keynote of the event was given by Prof E Haribabu, Ex.VC & Retd Prof of Sociology, University of Hyderabad. His keynote was a concept note of the event and an introduction to the topic for the audience so that the presentations were put into the perspective for the audience. His note touched upon many of the themes giving the audience a good theoretical introduction before the commencement of the paper presentations. Prof E Haribabu along with Dr Sobin George (ISEC) judged the competition.
Keynote address by Prof E Haribabu
A total of 10 students from all over the country were shortlisted from a number of 63 abstracts and 39 full-length papers. Some of the themes and topics that students presented in the competition were effects of technology on society and culture, discourse between science and religion, the effect of technology on gender in society and many other such topics. The Winners of the competition were Salma Salim from St. Josephs, Bangalore who came at 1st place, Karishma D'Mello from St. Xavier's college, Mumbai who was at 2nd place and Sanjana Krishnan from CHRIST (deemed to be University), Bangalore who came at 3rd place.
Salma Salim, Winner of YSC 2017-18 receiving her certificate from Prof E Haribabu
This competition gives students a platform to discuss their ideas with relation to academics and also gives them a chance to get a first-hand experience of research and the field. This also gives the students a chance to explore the depths of theories in sociology and apply their analytical and critical thinking to their research. The responses given by the judges to the students after their presentations gives ideas and suggestions on how to make their research better. Other than preparing the students to be researchers in the future, this competition also gives us an idea of what are the current emerging areas of research that the young sociologist can get engaged with.
Report by: Dheeraj

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