Wednesday, 29 September 2021

International Food Loss and Waste Reduction Day - Online Campaign

 The Department of Sociology and Social Work Student Association posted on their Instagram page for the International Food Loss and Waste Reduction Day on 29th September 2021. It would not be beyond any of us to realize that food ownership carries with it a weight of responsibility - an understanding that we are its custodians bound to treat it carefully.

The Sociology and Social Work Student Association keeping this responsibility in mind observed the international food loss and waste reduction day on the 29th of September 2021. The Instagram post reached an audience of 152 viewers and garnered interactions based on users sharing the post on their own handles as well.

We got to know a lot about waste and how households generate around 61% of waste and India shares about 8.7% of annual per capita food wastage.

Food loss can happen due to a lot of reasons such as bad weather, processing problems, lack of cold storage, overproduction and unstable markets.

But Food waste can be controlled at an individual level for the greater good of the community.

How can one contribute towards waste reduction?

  1. Plan your meal – Every day at the start of the day we should plan our day along with the meals to avoid food wastage.
  2. Turn waste into compost pits – All the food waste is biodegradable which means that it can be put into the soil which will act as a good fertilizer.
  3. Love your leftovers – Once you start loving your leftovers you will find ways to reuse them and not just throw them in the bins.
  4. Practice FIFO; First In First Out – During FIFO is a storing and rotating food system in which the food which has been in the storage longest will be out first and then the next food will be used.
  5. Shop Smart – To reduce food wastage we should always shop smartly and thought rationally as to what to buy.
  6. Sharing is caring – When you feel that some food is extra or some resources are extra it is always advisable to share it with someone who lacks it so that there is no loss of food and resources in general

All the things mentioned above work on an individual basis. Our actions should reach a global level so that maximum food is produced, used and not wasted. The introduction to technologies, innovative solutions, and finding new ways to work and manage food will only help us achieve SDG goal 12 which is responsible consumption and production.

The Instagram post can be accessed through the following link:

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