Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A session with a Bamboo Artist

14th June 2018

The fifth semester UG elective students doing Social Ecology had a rendezvous with Mr. Vizo Putsure, an alumnus of 2010 EPS batch who is currently working as a Bamboo artist with the Nagaland bamboo Resource Center on Thursday, 14 June 2018 during 11-12. 

He was talking about the popularity and growing acceptance of bamboo based constructions and products from the environmental sustainability angle especially in Nagaland and how people like him became the advocates of bamboo based products. He narrated the process involved in treating bamboos to make value added products and how it can be used in constructing houses and doing interiors. He showed pictures to explain the same. He also demonstrated a product designed by him – an echo- to the class. Students were eager to know more about his works, the durability of bamboo based constructions, the acceptability of bamboos among common people, the benefits and limitations in using bamboo, types of bamboos ad their uses, harvesting and treating bamboos and the various products.  


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