Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Orientation on Youth for Seva

15th June, 2018

An orientation was conducted by Youth for Seva, a Non-governmental Organization on 15th June 2018. The orientation was conducted as a part of the curriculum. The students of fifth semester PSENG,PSECO and EPS attended this orientation as a part of their Sociology Elective on Analysis of Contemporary Sociology Problems. The orientation exposed us to the services of the organization: its purpose, the services conducted, their achievements and to highlight their ten years of service. Ms. Kavita from Youth for Seva briefed the students about Youth for Seva. She highlighted the impact of the organizati0n’s work on national level.
Youth for Seva has established itself in 34 cities across the country with approximately 45,000 volunteers, over 150 corporate partners and 200 NGO partners. The organization works on improving the lives of underprivileged families, providing improved quality of living, education and employment to women. The organization’s motto is ‘experience the joy of giving’ which is evident in the dedication that they have towards their contributions. Ms. Kavita had informed us of the activities that we would be a part of through which we could apply our learning.
The session gave us an insight of the amount of effort and work it takes to make an effective change in the lives of people. The orientation gave us a clear idea about the kind of work which we would be undertaking as a part of our curriculum. Students were well informed about Youth for Seva and their concerns were efficiently clarified. It was enriching orientation and several students have decided to perform their Service Learning under the guidance of Youth for Seva.

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