Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Orientation on Janaagraha

June 12, 2018

An orientation class was held at 11am on June 12th for 5th semester students (of PSENG,
EPS, PSECO) studying Analysis of Contemporary Social Problems. There were two speakers
for the session-Ms. Sangeeta and Ms. Sunita, representing the Janaagraha Organisation.
The main purpose of the session was to introduce the organisation to the students so that
they can engage in fieldwork for service learning which is a part of their curriculum.
In the one hour session that followed, a lot of information was shared with the students.
The students were informed about the core mission of Janaagraha and its focus on two
main aspects i.e. infrastructural quality and quality of citizenship. They shared various
attributes essential to being a responsible, engaged and active citizen of the country. The
kind of work that the organisation involved itself in was explained to the students. They
mainly work with school children of age group of 11-13 years and provide them with
experiential learning. They design lesson plan for these children accordingly. The speakers
encouraged the students to join their organisation and apply their knowledge practically by
serving the community. Flexibility in certain aspects of volunteering was allowed to the
students. The students were informed about the benefits of joining the organisation i.e.
they could be catalysts for behavioural change that leads to active citizenry and they would
also receive a certificate from the organisation for volunteering with them. Certain
expectations of the organisation were also mentioned to the students.

Overall, the session was an informative one. A lot of queries were raised by the students
and they were effectively answered by the speakers. The students made note of the
organisation and its areas of work. Interested students decided to sign up and look forward
to having more detailed sessions with this organisation.

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