Monday, 24 June 2013

Report on the welcome program conducted for I M.A Sociology

The Students of II MA Applied Sociology of Christ University, Bangalore hosted a welcome ceremony for the new batch of MA students who have joined the department on Friday, June 21, 2013.
The venue was the Bird’s Park, and the program started at 2.00 pm and lasted two hours. The program was a platform to introduce the new students to their seniors and the faculty. After the opening prayer, an introduction was done by both classes in a way that everyone that was present got to know each other and also got along by asking about each other’s interests and dislikes.
After the introduction was done the atmosphere became friendly as everyone was comfortable and could relate with each other very well. The faculty members present were introduced and the others were also introduced in absentia.
It was observed that most of the new students were still sceptical about the campus culture and what the institution expects from them. However after a motivating speech was done by the seniors the fresher were at ease and became more comfortable. A couple of games were played and this was a team building session which helped the group to build a rapport among themselves.
The essence of the program was to motivate and welcome the new batch to the department so that they can have a sense of belonging to the department. The feedback from the new batch was that they really felt and appreciated the concern and care which their seniors and faculty members automatically had for them even after meeting them for the first time.
Some pastries and soft drinks was served to end the program, few pictures were taken and little gifts were given to the fresher on behalf of the department and the seniors.
 for II M.A Sociology

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