Wednesday, 12 June 2013


SAMBANDH 2013: Concept Note

2013 was declared the International Year of Water Cooperation by the UN General Assembly in 2011. This theme is intrinsically connected with the Millennium Development Goals, and ensuring ‘water security’ and a sustainable future. This is only possible by establishing and sustaining strong ties between nations, states and communities.

As part of their global campaign, the UN is planning technical workshops, High level panels and public events with the following objectives:

1. Raise awareness on the importance, benefits and challenges of water cooperation

2. Enhance knowledge and build capacity for water cooperation

3. Spark concrete and innovative action towards water cooperation

4. Encourage partnerships and dialogue around water cooperation (Source: UN)

The Department of Sociology, Christ University is also planning to adopt this crucial theme for its annual Festival, SAMBANDH. The department plans to incorporate this theme and its main objectives into various programs which will run the duration of the Odd Semester 2013, culminating in a grand finale during August, 2013.

As water is crucial to survival, it has been an integral component of culture and our imagination. The Department intends to address the themes of water as a diminishing resource which drives home the importance of conservation and the concerns surrounding water pollution. We also intend to look at the cultural significance of water.

Some of the events being planned are as follow:

1. Finale, 23 August 2013
  • Panel Discussion : Panel comprising of students and experts
  • Documentary Screening
  • Film festival with water as its theme
2. Ongoing weekly events

  • Poster Competition
  • Slogan Competition
  • Role Play/Street Theater
  • Quiz
  • Campaign
  • Photography competition 
  • Newsletter competition 
  • Research paper competition
  • Bulletin board, class wise display and competition 

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