Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I EPS Workshop on References and Citation

The students of I EPS attended a workshop on “Referencing and Citations in the APA Format” during their Sociology hour on the June 25, 2013.

References and Citations Workshop:
The class began with a short video about plagiarism from Info Literacy and why it is considered as “stealing” in the academic world. The video was part of an initiative by Dr Bob Baker, Pima Community College and featured his opinions (and some facts) about the stealing of research and its implications for a student.  The video also highlighted the use of technology such as turnitin.com which help an instructor/professor to detect any form of plagiarism in a particular academic paper. In conclusion, Bob Baker also stated that a student caught plagiarizing is liable to be penalized severely.

The References workshop began with an introduction of the different formats of citations/references such as the APA, MLA, and the Chicago style of referencing.  Social Sciences at Christ University, Bangalore, such as Sociology use the APA or the American Psychological Association Format which involves the citing information after a sentence or paragraph with or without endnotes. The presentation also stressed on the usage of endnotes and references. 

The workshop presentation included a list of guidelines which are meant to be strictly adhered to by the students while writing an academic paper. Some important guidelines include parenthetical referencing of sources in the academic paper, usage of a “hanging indent” when listing references entries, using the initials of an author only, not his/her full name and inserting the full and unedited URL/website address of a source along with the date when the student visited the website to name a few. The students were eager to witness a live demo of turnitin.com but due to the malfunctioning internet connection, this live event was duly postponed.
Jaikishan Agarwal

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