Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Voices from the Waters 2013, 8th International Travelling Film Festival on Water

The Department of Sociology, Christ University, will be screening films as part of Voices from the Waters 2013 8th International Travelling Film Festival on Water

Given below is the schedule for the screenings at the two venues. These films will be screened on August 29, 30 and 31. Please contact the Department of Sociology for further details at (080) 4012 9436/9068

Venue 1, Room 105, Central Block

Day Time  Schedule
Thursday 9 to 10am Inauguration + Wetlands: Sponges of the earth(26min)+ Discussion
10 to 12pm Holy Water(1:21:59) + Discussion
12 to 1pm 86 centimeters(40min) + Discussion(15mins) 
1 to 2 pm  Break
2 pm to 2.30 pm  A changing delta(25:39)+discussion
2.30 to 3pm Kochuripana(25:28) + discussion
3 to 4pm Life and Freedom(47:48) + Discussion
Friday 9 am to 10 am The sea in me(59:52) + Discussion
10 to 11am Bagalkot saga(23.36) +10 Paisa(9:46) +  Discussion 
11 to 12pm The whistle blowers(45min) + Discussion
12 to 1pm Kumen Kohan(39.07)+ Bhoot bant(3:27)  + Discussion
1 to 2 pm  Break
2 pm to 2.30 pm Valakanuikal(15:37) + Discussion 
2.30 to 3pm The king's River(14:39) + Discusion
3 to 4pm Tim Bakti(35:43) + Discussion
Saturday 9 to 10am Remains of a river(47min) + Discussion
10 to 11am Anna,Emma and the condors(20:19) + Nile Perch(16:46) + Discussion
11.05 to 12pm I whish I went to feuodor(34:52) + Discussion
12 to 1pm Entry for voices from the water(12:11) + The thirsty crow(7:1) + Notoilri no bedi(5:22) + Discussion

Venue 2, Room 101, Central Block

Day Time  Schedule
Thursday 10 to 12pm Smoking Fish(1:20:55)+ Discussion +  Discussion
12 to 1pm Remains of a river(47min) + Ganga at risk(2:43) + Discussion
1 to 2.30pm Break
2.30 to 3pm Rain forest waters of cascadia(3:39) + Pyaasi(4:8) + discussion
3 to 4pm I whish I went to feuodor(34:52) + A can of water risky(4:26) + Discussion
Friday 10 to 11am  A changing delta(25:39)+Embedded water (6:10)  + Discussion 
11 to 1pm Life/death(1:03:32) + Discussion +Out in the open(9:32)  + Discussion
1 to 2.30pm Break
2.30 to 3pm Water harvesters of the western ghats(12.56) + The plentifulness paradox(5:34)+  Discussion
3 to 4pm Save our water(4:08 )+Change for the better(3:43) + Nanku air ajj(12:50)+Discussion 
Saturday 10 to 11am Water and natural resources(56:52) 
11 to 12pm 86 centemeters(40min) + Patangi(2:45)+ Discussion
12 to 1pm Little Hands(6.56) + Meghnadi(11:42) + Democracy +Discussion 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Each team may comprise of a maximum of 5 and a minimum of 3 members.
The newsletters have to be submitted to the department on the date specified
The newsletter must contain: 1 original photo and 2 original articles. The news will cover events occurring in Bangalore, India and the world, from the day’s paper; at least 1 article in the business section, sports section and entertainment section; title, classifieds, advertisements, cartoons must be included in the draft. The theme for the festival, 'Water cooperation' should be reflected.
Submit entries to Maya M /Suparna Kar

First: I EPS

  1. Trisanki saikia
  2. Ayushi Mehta
  3. Ankita Baruah
  4. Annanya Bhuyan

August 20
Creative Writing
Individual Event: Submission of essay, poem, story, comic strip
Venue: 101/105
Essay: JS Chaithraa, II PSEco
Poem: Elizabeth Shaji, II PSEco
Comic Strip: Roshni Kurien, II PSEco
August 14
12 noon
Individual Event
3 – 6 photographs should be stuck on to a single chart paper with captions
These charts have to be submitted to the Department by the date specified
Theme: Water
Submit entries to Maya M /Suparna Kar
First: Anumathi G Malak, II PSEco 
Second: Isha, I EPS
August 19
Teams of 2
Rounds: Current Affairs, World of Sociology, Audio Visual, Rapid Fire and others
Venue for Prelims:C101/C105
Venue for Final Quiz: Sky View
Team 1: I EPS, Saagar and Tasneem  FIRST PRIZE  
Team 2: III PSEco, Brinda and Prajwal
Team 3: II PSEng, Sajan and Bishal
Team 4: I EPS, Puneeth and Nikhil  SECOND PRIZE  
Team 5: II PSEng, Shruthi and Akhila
Prelims August 14
Finals August 21

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Debate on the Reservation System prevalent today in Educational Institutions

On 20th July 2013, a debate was conducted by the Department of Sociology, the topic being “The Reservation System prevalent today in Educational Institutions”. There were four students debating this topic, two of whom were for the motion and two, against. The topic demanded opinions on whether or not the current Reservation system in the Indian society should continue to function.
The major aspects which were covered by those going for the motion were mainly regarding how this system gave the backward classes a fair chance of competing with those who belonged to relatively wealthy families. The speakers went on to talk about the Indian society being a highly stratified one and how there was a requirement of making the economically poor, backward classes of our society aware of the rules, policies, etc. as relevant to reservation. However, they further went on to mention about the need to regulate the reservation policies which rose eyebrows in the audience as it was felt that this aspect of regulation did not justify the speaker’s stance of speaking for the topic.
On the other hand, those going against the topic, disagreeing with the above mentioned points put forth their views arguing that the people belonging to the General Quota were deprived of the seats due to the concept of reservation. The strongly believed that due to corruption, the creamy layer of the They dwelled on the history of reservation policy making a mention of the basic aim for which this system was formed in the first place. They further spoke about how the politicians took advantage of this system to gain more votes giving an example of Tamil Nadu where the percentage of reservation has gone upto 69%, their point being that the reservation should be proportionate to the population.
The audience also took active part and one of the points that emerged was that by encouraging reservation the backward classes in a way were further being marginalized, making them feel inferior. Another suggestion that came about was the idea of introducing reservation in schools and in primary phases of education rather than in higher education institutions like colleges and universities.

Suggestions were varied and in plenty but it was obvious that the current system needs to be improved upon.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Film Club July 2013

The second meeting of the Film Club of the Department of Sociology was held on July 31, 2013. It was conducted by the students of M.A Applied Sociology. The resource person for this session was Amutha Manavalan, Assistant Professor with the Department of Media Studies, Christ University. Ms. Manavalan has done her Post Graduation in Communication from Bangalore University. She is an amateur film maker, who came with the intention of providing tips and techniques on Film making. The session was attended by two faculty members of the Sociology Department; Maya Mohan and Sudhansubala Sahu.
The welcome speech was given by Namrata Paul where she gave a brief background about the speaker. The intention of the talk was to provide quick steps of Script Writing. During the session, the speaker screened four documentaries; Buoyants, the Black Hole, Embrace Life and World’s best 1 minute movie. Every documentary emphasized different aspects of life which often go unnoticed. Issues like Refugee Camps, importance of seatbelts and the Human’s undying greed are some of the areas which were projected through these short films.
The audience was quite interactive and clarified their doubts. This session helped us in viewing different key points which needs to be in consideration while making a Short Film and emphasising on the “Sole Purpose” behind making a movie.
Report by

Margaret Johnson