Thursday, 24 November 2016

Finalists for the Young Sociologist Competition 2016

Given below is the list of finalists for the Young Sociologist Competition 2016.

           Name and Research Title
·                Aishwarya Ramesh: Does change in the power of the society cause change in one's cultural identity?
·                Amarnath P: Social, cultural and political identity of Namboothiris in Kerala
·                Arundhati Sural: Effects of sanskritization and acculturations on the Santhals
·                Debasmita Kundu: Stigmatization of the Eunuchs: A study on the members of Eunuchs community in and around Kolkata
·                Praba Shamili Jeeva: Migrant behaviour: The quest to uphold the Tamil identity
·                Rini Jacob: The JSO church and gender equality in the modern era
·                Srabanti Kayal: Doms of Kolkata-identity and role of the community in urban society
·                Sristi Mondal: Cow protection and intolerance
·                Suchismita Das: Patriarchy and religion : Exploitation of women
·                Sweetlin Brahmachary: Unity in diversity: Just a phrase or in practice


Thursday, 10 November 2016

Reflections from the Field 2016

The Department of Sociology released Reflections from the Field 2016  on August 29, 2016. This document is a compilation of the internship experiences of all the students of MA Applied Sociology. These students had interned in a wide variety of organizations ranging from the hospitality sector to information technology and the non governmental sector.

This year, Reflections from the Field was edited by Vishica Gwendolyn from the student community guided by Suparna Kar from the faculty.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sambandh 2016

Sambandh is the annual Sociology festival organized by the Department of Sociology at Christ University in every odd semester for the undergraduate students pursuing Sociology in the three streams PSEco, PSEng and EPS. This year it was the MA Applied Sociology students who have organized it for their juniors. A core committee was formed with six students to take care of the logistics part. They planned the list events by taking suggestions from the student’s community. This year’s Sambandh logo was also designed by one of the I EPS student.
The first event was street play which took place on August 24th and 25th at the basket ball court during lunch breaks. The main event was on Monday, 29 August 2016 at three parallel venues viz., Sky View, campus View and Auditorium, IV block.  The event was declared open by the Deans of Humanities and Social Sciences Prof. Mallika Krishnaswamy and Prof. John Joseph Kennedy. The compilation of internship reports of MA Applied Sociology Students ‘Reflections from the Field’ was released on this occasion. The various events in which the students showcased their talents include face painting, umbrella painting, T-shirt painting, hair dressing, collage, poster making, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, quiz, pot pourri and block and tackle. The highlight of the day was the 10 minutes on stage that happened during the post lunch session.

The chief guest for the closing ceremony was Fr. Jose CC. The Department newsletter ‘SOCIUS’ August 2016 edition was released by Fr. Jose CC. The prizes for individual and group events were distributed. Third semester PSEco students bagged the overall class trophy. 

Generation UK India Program

The Department of Sociology organized the Generation UK India program at Christ University in collaboration with the Office of International Affairs. This program was conducted between July 17 and August 2, 2016. Students from the UK participated in this program which had a focus on Women's Issues in India.
The students from UK worked with their buddies from the Sociology Department as they learnt about India, her culture and her people. The students had sessions on topics ranging from Indian social structure to art and history. This program also introduced the participants to the diversity that embodies India and culminated in a colorful display of the intermingling of various cultures.
Participants of the Generation UK India program