Thursday, 5 June 2014

Interaction with students from South Korea

The students of MA Applied Sociology had a wonderful opportunity to interact with a group of students from South Korea. These students have been in on our Campus for a week and are new to Bangalore and India.
Introductions under way
This interactive session saw a sharing of ideas, thoughts and cultural traits as the students spoke about their homelands, the languages they speak, their ideas about beauty and fashion as well as academia and the work space. They shared music from the regions they belong to, and spoke about the background of the same. They also spoke about childhood and the transition to adulthood in both the countries.

Discussions begin

Sharing ideas
The multicultural identity of the Christites made these discussions richer and more lively.
The Group together

Welcome to the new Academic Year!

The Department of Sociology welcomed the senior students to the new academic year 2014-15. Students from II and III year PSEco, PSEng and EPS as well as the second year students of MA Applied Sociology rejoined the University on Monday, June 2, 2014.

The students of MA Applied Sociology went through an orientation session that re familiarized them with the important aspects of the course and had them identify their goals and aspirations. The journey towards becoming academic intellectual entrepreneurs has begun.

All the best!