Thursday, 4 August 2016

CAPS: Session on Argumentative Writing

On July 20, 2016, Wednesday, volunteers from CAPS were at 3PSEco to take a

session on argumentative writing. The volunteers were peer trainers and were

accompanied with the CAPS faculty co-ordinator.

The class went on for close to an hour and was very informative. It was an

interactive and a semi-formal training session. We learnt the essential qualities

of an argumentative essay. The difference between an argument and a debate.

An argumentative essay should have a specific format. It should begin with an

introduction. The essay should have facts for whichever side of the motion you

stand for. The essay needs to have facts, respond for why you stand for or

against the motion. All of this needs to be done after research.

The essay needs to end with a conclusion that summarises the essay and thus

can prove your stand on the side of the motion. We were shown a video on how

a verbal argument is backed up with facts.

The session ended with a feedback session.

Amrita Ragavendiran

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