Tuesday, 31 January 2017

One day basic training on Human Rights

The One Day Basic Training Programme on Human Rights was organised by Christ University, Department of Social Work and Sociology in collaboration with National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), New Delhi on 31st January 2017. The training programme was conducted at the Council Room, Central Block.  The aim was to enlighten the students on matters related to Constitutional Provisions and composition and functioning of NHRC.
The programme started at 9:30 AM and continued till 5PM, which included four sensitizing sessions. The inaugural session started with a mesmerising song delivered by Dr. Ngaitlang Mary Tariang (Assistant Professor, Social Work, Christ University) followed by a welcome speech by Dr. Mathew C.P. (Associate Professor, Social Work and convener of the programme). An extremely insightful speech was delivered by  Fr. Dr. Thomas C. Mathew ( Vice Chancellor, Christ University and Dr. Mallika Krishnaswamy (Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences). The National Anthem, sung in chorus, marked the end of the inaugural session.
In the first session, Mr. Manohar Ranganathan (Executive Director, Centre for Aminities and Education and Regional co-ordinator, Human Rights Defenders Alert , India and All India Network of Individuals and NGOs working with State and National Human Rights Institutions) introduced the audience to the concept of Human Rights and its Covenants which was followed by a tea-break. The second session of the day focused on a vivid description of Human Rights Institutions in India. The resource person for this topic was Dr. Ningthoujam Koiremba Singh (Assistant Professor, Department of International Studies and History, Christ University).
The programme resumed with the third session after the lunch break. Session three particularly focused  and enhanced the perceptions on Rights of Women and Children discussed by Dr. V.S. Elizabeth (Professor, Co-ordinator of the Centre for Child and the Law and Placement Officer, National Law School of India University, Nagarabhavi).
The programme ended with the fourth session which had Rights of other Vulnerable groups (Bonded labour, Child and SC/ST) as the focal point. The resource was Mr. Vasudeva Sharma (Executive Director, Child Rights Trust.)
The entire programme in every possible way illuminated the thoughts of the audiences on matters related to Human Rights.
  Reported by:
Shwetashri Sarkar
Sayanti Dutta.
MA Applied Sociology

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