Thursday, 20 February 2020


A guest lecture on “Family Law Systems in Europe” was organized by the Department of Sociology and Social Work to provide the students with an opportunity to understand the Legal Dilemmas from the perspective of Germany. The lecture was conducted by Prof. Dr. Rolf Jox, Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein (West Fallen Catholic University of Applied Science) on 27th January 2020 for the students of first-year BA PSEco (Psychology, Sociology, Economics). 

The session began with a welcome address given by Dr. Victor Paul, Head, Department of Sociology and Social Work. The lecture by Prof. Dr. Jox began with an introduction about family law systems in Europe, followed by an interactive session with the students about the Five Dilemmas and also about the legal situation and problems in Germany. It also comprised of discussions on a few case studies regarding parenthood, custody, contact, and adoption. The session ended with presenting Prof. Dr. Jox with a memento and heartfelt gratitude for his time spent in educating the students on Family law systems in Europe.

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