Monday, 9 March 2020

South Asia in Transition

“South Asia in Transition” is an initiative taken by the Department of Sociology and Social Work in order to open a new arena of discussions and deliberations in comprehending the transitional changes of South Asia in the global order. 
D:\sudipta.garai\Downloads\DSC_0143.JPGThe International seminar took its structural framework from the think tank of eminent faculties like Dr Rajeev Kumaramkandath, Dr Sudipta Garai and Dr Deva Prasad F. The idea was further supported by the head of the Department Dr Victor Paul, Vice-chancellor Dr Fr Abraham V M and Dr Tony Sam George Dean of Social Sciences.
The International seminar took place on 13th and 14th of February 2020, where a plethora of intellectual ideas collaborated making scholars and students across the globe ponder about various aspects of South Asia. 
On day 1, the conference began with a vibrant inauguration in the presence of brilliant minds such as Prof Sujata Patel who delivered a keynote address, Prof Shiv Vishwanath who articulated on Reinventing South Asia: On Nature, knowledge and Democracy and Prof Sanal Mohan who traced back Alternative Histories in South Asia. Further, there was a presentation on Canadian sizzlers to NRI cities: The culture of migration in Punjab followed by a panel discussion which was headed by Dr. Shiv Vishwanath on research papers related to SAARC and Andaman prisoners. This was followed by paper presentations by the participants at various venues. 
On day 2, there were elaborate sessions conducted in various venues, wherein, approximately 55 research papers were presented by various scholars across the globe on themes such as Education, empowerment and livelihood, Legal and political discourses, History and tradition, Global Networks and Cultural Hybridity, Gender and sexuality, Culture and Society, Media and technology.

The seminar came to a conclusion with a valedictory session chaired by Dr. Fr. Joseph CC pro-vice-chancellor and Valedictory address delivered by Dr. Vathsala Aithal (University of Applied Sciences, Germany).
The end of the seminar has opened the beginning of new thoughts in the minds of students, faculties, and scholars which might further shape up into great ideas ahead.

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