Saturday, 8 March 2014

International Women's Day Celebration 2014

The Department of Sociology came together with the Department of Social Work and the Center for Social Action to celebrate the 100th International Women's Day Celebration. Students from I EPS let a slogan and a signature campaign on the campus. Ayushi Mehta, Tanseem Fatima, Mridula Kore, Nayona Banerjee, Semren Singh, and Anagha Jaipal led the campaign across campus.

Students from the Department of Social Work performed a street play to encapsulate the need for this significant day.

Addressing the crowd, Prof. Mallika Krishnaswami, Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences, said it was a day to pay tribute to one of the most wonderful creations of God. Saying no matter what you call her - the fairer sex, the necessary evil, the angel or the devil - she is an indispensable part of human existence, she referred to the important roles women play in our lives, as daughter, sister, friend, mother or grandmother. Believing women to be a powerful tool in bringing about change, she stressed upon the need to empower women as ‘the hand that rocks the cradle can rule the world’. Positive that women can contribute significantly to society, she added that International Women’s Day is a day to express gratitude to the women in our lives and that at Christ University we believe in treating women with pride and dignity, with all due respect to her, in line with the UN theme “Equality for Women is Progress for All”.

This celebration on Christ University Campus also saw hundreds of students joining together to form a human chain and get together to take a pledge.

This pledge was designed by Ms Brinda from the final year PSEco. She led the group as they took the following pledge:
We the free brethren of our motherland solemnly pledge to standby  the woman of our society in all their endeavors
We will ensure that archaic notions of a homely wife, a silent sister  and an inferior colleague are cast away and strive to celebrate their independence and individuality in a free society.
We strongly condemn acts of violence and crimes meted out to the women of our country and pledge to never remain silent in the face of such an atrocity. 
We understand that a truly free and liberated society can be built on the foundation of equality and it is our utmost duty to sensitize our fellow citizens in this regard. 
It is not the dreams and aspirations of women  that need to be curtailed but the gender bias rooted in society.

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