Friday, 7 March 2014

Workshop on Logical Framework Analysis

The workshop on Logical Framework Analysis was organized by the Department of Sociology on March  5, 2014. The resource person for the day was Dr. Godfred Victor Singh (Director, Center for Social Action, Christ University). It was held in Christ University, Bangalore. This two hour workshop was the second of two workshops. the first being conducted on November 13, 2013. The participants were the students of II MA Applied Sociology.
As this workshop was a continuation of the previous one, Dr. Godfred Victor Singh began with a recap. He first spoke about how Logical Framework Analysis is useful in the developmental context and the methods for developing indicators that corresponds to the Log Frame descriptive statements.  He further spoke about the project management cycle.
The resource person primarily spoke about the things that can be monitored through Logical Framework Analysis some of which are inputs, activities, outputs, impacts, process, assumption and key cross cutting issues/principles.  He gave us a very detailed description about the factors that promote a realistic Logical Framework Analysis or Logical Framework Matrix some of which include Base line survey, Resource availability, Problem Tree analysis, SWOC/T analysis and periodic evaluation.
Base line survey includes collection of qualitative information, collection of quantitative data, data analysis process, interpretation of data and project proposal. Resource Availability includes committed personnel, quality materials and guaranteed funds.  Risk analysis includes, external risks and internal risks, analysis of factors which may influence the implementation of the project and hence the achievement of objectives, alternative strategies maybe needed and risk management. Problem tree Analysis is a deeper analysis of a problem that exists. It analyzes the root cause of the existing problem. It explores the cultural/attitudinal/behavioral and economical and political factors that gives rise to the problem. SWOT/C Analysis is a tool for auditing, identifying for example an environment, agency, company and organization.
The workshop was a very informative one and helped each student to get a very clear understanding about Logical Framework Analysis. The Framework is very helpful for those who seek to pursue project/program management as their career.

We would like to thank Dr. Godfred Victor Singh for such an insightful workshop and all his valuable inputs. 

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