Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Orientation Session by Janaagraha

Date: June 18th, 2019 
Venue: III PSEco, Block 1, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)  
An orientation session was conducted by the Department of Sociology in collaboration with Janaagraha,
is a registered body based on active civic participation, learning and advocacy of rights. It was focused on
orienting students for the service-learning module for their 5th semester of sociology elective
(Contemporary Social Problems). 
Service Learning is an initiative by the Department of Sociology with the mission of bridging the gap
between classroom, theoretical teaching and its practical application in day-to-day life. It aims at creating
more awareness and a sense of social responsibility among the students. Students are expected to work
with different NGOs and organizations which deal with social problems, in and around the city.
Janaagraha is one such organization where students who have previously pursued the elective have

Janaagraha is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization which works for “transforming the quality of life in India’s
towns and cities”. They undertake many noble endeavors such as working with citizens to catalyze
active citizenship in urban neighborhoods and with governments to bring about reforms in city
governance and increase civic engagement and improve the quality of life and civic infrastructures. It
works towards solving problems in urban settings such as waste management, water conservation,
primary education, etc. The session was a great way to brief students about the NGO and their work.
It made the students aware of their responsibilities towards society through the service-learning
modules. The students who volunteer for the organization are expected to identify schools in the city to
deliver modules on civic learning and active citizenship, which are designed by Janaagraha. The
students act as mentors to the school children and help them undertake projects which reflect their creativity and social responsibility as active citizens through the ‘I Change my City Challenge’.

After the session, the forum was made open for questions and answers. Students clarified their doubts
and made inquiries which were answered by the representatives from Janaagraha. There were active
participation and interest from the class. 

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