Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Alumni Report 1- MSOC, 2019

The Department of Sociology and Social work organized an interactive session with two alumnae from the Christ family. The esteemed speakers of the day Induja Aravind and Medha Roy successfully oriented the students to the various fields to be explored upon completing the Applied Sociology course. Induja currently works at Brandcom while Medha has been employed at Edelman, both of which are well established public relations agencies in Bangalore.

Alumane addressing students 
Contrary to popular belief that a discipline like Sociology has a limited scope, the speakers shared their experiential learning outcomes and were able to plant a broader range of career aspirations among us. While a layperson may think of the most generic professions for a Sociology graduate, it was through this lecture that much of these doubts were cleared. As the speakers shared snippets of their journey from student to an employee, several unthought-of avenues such as media planning, public relations, the development/social sector, market research, policy analysts, artificial intelligence, human resource among many others were brought to light.  

The one-hour session was quite fruitful, as experienced peers were able to consider the standpoint of students and accordingly guide or address the naive concerns. 

Students attend alumane session 
Moreover, through such sharing the general anxiousness that persists among most students (with regard to employment options), is taken care of; listening to a peer open up about their journey from a confused worried student, to working with start-ups and eventually to an independent successful employee is inspiring and reassuring. Such departmental initiatives are beneficial in nurturing and broadening the career scape of young sociologists.  


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