Sunday, 17 November 2019

Understanding Issues on Sexuality with Hidden Pockets and Cheshire Disability Trust

An interactive session along the theme of Gender and Sexuality Issues was held on 2nd July from 10am till 12:30pm. The audience comprised of MA Applied Sociology students. 
The forum was conducted by two speakers – a member of Cheshire Disability Trust and Jasmine George,
an alumnus of CHRIST (Deemed to be University). The former shared her experiences about imparting
self-defense training to the differently-abled, as the statistics imply a higher vulnerability of the cohort
to abuse and assault.  The later is currently a lawyer and the founder of Hidden Pockets. She provides
counsel for safe abortion and aims at spreading awareness about social issues and the inclusivity of
various genders and minorities. She initiated the session by asking general questions so as to
understand the different backgrounds the students came from and then continued on topics around
reproductive health, feelings of safety around the campus, different types of contraceptives, etc.

She spoke about how Hidden Pockets deals with many cases about abortion, a taboo, and the
involvement of the partners. She took up the recent Tinder case which happened in HSR, Bangalore
and focused on it. Thought-provoking questions were raised for the students to answer and analyze.
She went on to highlight the importance of law and legislation. The last part of the session was
focussed on her work with the Tinder case and the confusion of the elder generation unable to grasp
modern trends such as dating on a digital phone application. 

Overall, interactions with both the speakers centered on how Gender sensitization is a necessity in
educational institutions. The session was enlightening, captivating and informative.  

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