Monday, 17 October 2022

3PSEco Student Orientation Programme

 Date : 8th August 2022

Time: 9-4pm

Venue: Assembly Hall/III Floor/II Block

On Monday, 8th August 2022, 3PSEco had an orientation program scheduled from 9am to 4pm. The program started with a silent prayer and in presence of Dr Sudipta Garai and Dr Jibrael Jos, the resource person. The program intended to initiate a collective feeling among the students keeping in mind the mission, vision and the core values of the University. It was all done through activities, fun, games and group work.

The students were then divided into groups of 8 and were each given an object to enact. The groups that show most creativity in their action were rewarded points. After 3 rounds of that game, groups were shuffled and the new tasks were to answer rapid fire questions and enact a scene. Different roles taken up by the group members in the scene were guessed by the audience. 

After a short break, the class was given a choice to choose their own groups of 3, 4 or 5 people. They were all given topics to speak about for 30 seconds each within the group. The next two tasks were where the class bonded and had the most fun. It was singing and dancing. For singing, they were divided into 2 groups and were given a choice to sing any 2 songs together. Once the dancing began, there were no more inhibitions or hesitation. There was a dance battle where each group followed the other group’s steps and grooved to the music. Following this was when sir sat the class down and spoke about how life has its ups and downs but it's always the individual's choice whether to see certain life events as bad luck and demotivate themselves or as good luck which would help them to work harder. 

After the lunch break, all the students were given a blank paper on which they had to draw their river of life. They were asked to write words and short phrases about their goals, places they wish to visit, and so on. The task was to make the paper look artistic while they mapped their life on it. Once they completed the river of life task, they were asked to think of how they want the next 2 years in PSEco to look like. All the students collectively wrote some goals and wishes they would want to achieve as a class along with fun things to do to bond with each other. The fun, eventful day ended with all of them showcasing their songs and dance moves to Dr Sudipta Garai (3PSECo/Class teacher) and a few feedback.

The students bonded as a class, spoke to people they wouldn't regularly speak to, and the best part of it all, broke the ice as a class. Dr Jos connected well with the students and brought the collective feeling among the students which shall help them beyond their academic life. The program ended with a silent prayer.

Student Activity Picture (River of Life)

Students activity Pictures (River of Life)

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