Monday, 17 October 2022

Academia and Community Connect: Engagement through Service Learning 

 Interactive session with Janaagraha: Center for Citizenship and Democracy


DATE-24th August 2022 


Venue:Room no 206, II Floor, 1st Block 

On 24th August 2022, we had an orientation by Ms.Rajalakshmi. She spoke about the Janaagraha community and how they work. The interaction started with a light discussion about our education system, government and the need for social service. The students spoke about how rules in the society are made for a reason and not following it would be harmful to the society as a whole. One of the examples they discussed was of underage driving and its causes. Further the students were asked questions about the fairness of allowing individuals below the age of 18 to drive.  

Ms.Rajalakshmi then started explaining about the initiatives taken up by Janaagraha. She told us about the organization's mission, aims and goals. The organization focuses on helping citizens build an attitude that would serve the society. Their mission is to promote civic learning and engagement that would in turn aid in making citizens responsible.  

Bala janaagraha is an initiative that focuses on assisting students with their learning process and project work. A group of 5-6 students will be assigned a mentor who will play the role of a teacher. The mentor acts as a resource person that will help the students with their academics, project work and assignments. It is a way for students to develop skills like critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and more through the assistance of a mentor. The mentor who is also a student will develop a sense of capability towards handling and helping peers of a younger age. 

The orientation ended with some information on the duration and process of getting into the service program. There were many questions from the students and all of them were answered by Ms.Rajalakshmi. Poorvi concluded the orientation by expressing gratitude and gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the whole class.  

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