Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Mental Wellness: A Webinar on Mental Hygiene

The Department of Sociology and Social Work Students Association, Christites Against Substance Abuse (CASA) and Project Rooh, under the Millennium Fellowship (Class of 2021) organised the webinar on Mental Wellness: A Webinar on Mental Hygiene and the Usage of Positive Psychology Techniques.

The guest speaker for the event was Ms Rachel Jayasellan, a certified NLP Practitioner. She has conducted psychological and educational assessments at Reach Clinic. The session started with a small survey on what one understands about Mental Hygiene. Ms Rachel explained the meaning of Mental Hygiene, which is a way to react to a situation or control ourselves; however, using substances is more of giving control to an external environment. Mental Hygiene is all about predictability. It is a way of seeing certainty through uncertainty. She then talked about positive psychology techniques.

Ms Rachel conducted another survey through the platform Mentimeter on, “What are some negative beliefs/statements you have heard about”. She then pointed out two crucial things:

  • Take decisions where your mind and body is safe
  • Negative beliefs and statements don’t define an individual or your mental health.

She then explained the five essential techniques/interventions followed with the client: Mindfulness, Meeting and Finding, Kindness, Empathy and Gratitude.

After this, she circulated the third survey regarding the three things we are grateful for through Mentimeter. After this, she wrapped up the session, answering a few questions asked by the audience. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Ms Samuykta Ramakrishnan from 5PSEco.

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