Saturday, 6 November 2021

NEP Talk Series: Questions of Equality and Identity in NEP 2020

 The Department of Sociology and Social Work Students Association, along with Socius, Applied Sociology Students Collective, under the NEP lecture series, organised a session on “Questions of Equality and Identity in NEP 2020.” Ms Neha Ashar from 3MSOC was the host for the session. The session began by welcoming the esteemed guest, Dr Amman Madan, faculty with the School of Education at Azim Premji University. Dr Victor Paul, other faculty members and the students were also welcomed. Dr Amman’s expertise lies in the use of education as a tool to address social stratification and the issue of identity.

The session highlighted the positive aspects of NEP. According to sir, every Post Graduate discipline should become multidisciplinary but should be recognised by the government and schools must be exposed to vocational training. NEP focuses a lot on functional literacy. i.e., it aims at children learning to read and write. The policy also talks about equity and justice.

The NEP provides emphasis on scientific-technical research.  In the Indian class structure, 15% of the jobs are white collar. Education is a part of the system of equality. Therefore, NEP might help in bridging economic gaps by improving employability. There is a commitment to attack social inequality.

The session provided the participants with insights on the aspects of fee structure, nationalism, the ideas of age-old tradition, its drawbacks and more understanding of the policy. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Ms Annet Rose from 5PSEco.

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